• You’re in the right place if you need to make a payment for an invoice you’ve received or for a toll you’ve missed within 5 days of your trip
  • The toll amount for unpaid trips is typically available within 48 hours
  • Do you need help? Contact us

Pay Missed a Toll

This is for anyone who needs to pay for a missed toll within 5 days of their trip on the Express Lanes. Your toll amount should be ready for payment within 48 hours of your trip. Simply enter your trip information below to:

  • Pay your toll(s) and the administrative fee(s)
  • Schedule a future payment for trips not yet processed
  • Be notified by email when trip(s) are ready for payment

Pay Notice

This is for anyone who has received a notice from us. To avoid increased fines and penalties always pay by the due date listed on the notice. Submit the information found on your invoice to:

  • Pay your toll(s) and administrative fee(s)

Fees for Unpaid Tolls

If you made a trip(s) in the 66 Express Lanes and did not pay through an established E-ZPass account, the following administrative fees will be applied to the toll due:

***I-66 uses an automated payment system to protect your personal information. Agents will never ask for card or bank account information while we are assisting you.***